Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Beautiful People: Inspiring our Youth - Part 1

Roy Hendrickson:  The Body Builder, Model, Actor, and Dad inspiring his Children
By: Candice Marshall

He is a shy and quiet person, but Roy Hendrickson (Body Builder/Actor/Model), has a presence about him that makes one take notice. His piercing blue eyes capture anyone’s attention, and his articulate conversation skills maintain that connection. These qualities, among many, naturally draw people to Hendrickson making him a positive role model, especially for his children. In fact, his talent for acting has also inspired his oldest son to pursue a career in the same industry. “He chose to quit hockey to pursue a career in acting and one of his first roles was to play a hockey player. It was ironic but interesting!” he smiled.
Albeit an inspiration for his children, Hendrickson maintains his modesty, “I struggle sometimes with my self-image. It’s tough for me to accept a compliment.”
This is hard to believe when you see him at first glance. His striking good looks and gentle demeanor bodes well as the strong, silent type for the modeling contract he’s had with the large Cosmetic Corporation, Elizabeth Arden. (He sported a tuxedo and posed as an ‘escort’ with models during a “live events” promotion for a new perfume campaign!) He has also appeared onscreen as an extra in a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television) two hour special called ‘The War Reporter’ as well as a part in the ‘Blackstone’ series on television’s APTN Network. He has also modeled as a Marvel Comics icon in Darcy Evan’s (Photographer, featured previously in Coaches Corner) most recent creative photo shoot titled, ‘The Evolution of Joker” (see below).
Photo Credit: Darcy Evans Photography
Photo Credit: Darcy Evans Photography
In addition to acting and modeling roles, Hendrickson has also competed in the International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness (INBF) event at the “Capital City Competition” (held in Sacramento, California, USA, in 2009) coming in fourth place in the Lightweight category. “It was a great experience. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment after it was over, but up until the event, it was a lot of hard work and dedication. I was down to five percent body fat. Not everyone can say they can get their body percentage that low. You have to follow a very strict diet and exercise program,” he said.
Hendrickson’s intense workout regimen began 12 weeks prior to the competition. It consisted of working out five days per week with 45 minutes of weight training and 15-20 minutes of cardiovascular exercises. His day would begin at 6am and finish at 10pm only to get up and repeat the same thing the next day. He credits his physique to a combination of good diet (that consisted of vegetables, egg whites, Isagenix products - supplements & whey protein shakes) and plenty of water.
Photo Credit: Renee Robyn Photography
Photo Credit: Renee Robyn Photography
Photo Credit: Renee Robyn Photography
“If I were to begin training right now, I would give myself about three months to prepare. When I competed at INBF, I was pretty dedicated to my regimen four to seven days of the week. At the time, my children were younger (Hendrickson has three boys), and being a single dad with hockey commitments took away from the focus some of the time. If I compete again, I plan on sticking to being more committed to the program,” he said.
Acting, Modeling and Competitions aside, Hendrickson feels the most importance in his life is his children and encouraging them to attain their dreams and goals. He is actively involved in coaching their hockey practices and games, attending football practices, and activities such as skiing for a family fun day. “I encourage them to stay active and eat healthy, avoid sugary drinks, eat protein after a workout or practice and drink lots of water. What’s important for me is health and happiness. I believe I’ve taught them (by example) a solid foundation for both,” he said.
Way to go Roy! Keep on keeping on!

Photo Credit: Renee Robyn Photography

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