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Dr. Charles Rouse – 'The Medicine Man' and Gem in the Visi™ Crown

(l-r) Dr. Charles A. Rouse Jr., R.PH., N.M.D., and our very own
'Coach' Craig Leibel, Visi Arctic Premier (and Weigh to Goal Co-Administrator!)
at the "Dr. Rouse Tour" in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on February 26th, 2013

By: Candice Marshall

The door to the hotel suite at the Blackfoot Inn (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is slightly ajar when our (Independent Visi™ Distributor) team arrives to meet Dr. Charles A. Rouse Jr., Registered Pharmacist, Natural Medical Doctor (N.M.D.) and Scientific Founder of the Visi™ Lifestyle products (launched in April 2012), a Company which has been gaining huge momentum with the success of their Trimma© Weight Loss (all-natural) capsule. We are meeting Dr. Rouse for the first time during his Canadian Tour to hear what he has to say about the product. 

Upon entering the room, we make our way through a small crowd of dignitaries towards a cheerfully-dressed gentleman who stands to greet us. It is not difficult to see that this man (Dr. Rouse) has captured everyone in the room’s attention with his gentle, southern accent and more importantly, his wealth of information on the Visi™ lifestyle products. They are trying to grasp in twenty minutes what he has acquired in a 25 year span in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically pharmacognosy: a branch of pharmacology focusing on the medicinal benefits obtained from plants and their positive effects on the human body.

One of the key ingredients of the Trimma© product (that Dr. Rouse spoke about) is the Arctic Cloudberry from Scandinavia (referred to as ‘Scandinavian Gold’). This nutrient rich berry (among others included in the product) is known for its extremely high levels of vitamins A, C, E and B as well as Calcium Magnesium and benzoic acid to promote good health and natural beauty. During the event in Calgary, dozens of consumers stood up to attest to this powerful ingredient and how the simple routine of swallowing one capsule a day has led to remarkable results such as: “I have more energy than ever!” and “I have lost 47 pounds since taking this!”
The Arctic Cloudberry, a key component ingredient in the
'Visi Trimma' Weight Loss Capsule, is known for it's nutrient-rich properties
that go hand in hand with Good health from the inside out
“We are seeing people with health issues related to Cardiovascular (heart health), Thyroid and Diabetes ease up and they are losing weight. The product is helping people to alleviate insulin resistance (diabetics) and energy levels go up. Our bodies have become acclimated to processed foods and sugars. As a result, too much insulin is released into the body and we become insulin resistant. Too much insulin in the body releases cortisol to try to balance out the body. Too much cortisol gets released from the blood and is converted into belly fat. People become tired and weight loss is stalled. Trimma helps to clean the liver, support the adrenal system, and help make insulin resistance go away,” said Dr. Rouse.

 “With Trimma, one will experience better sleep, more energy in the daytime, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure/sugar levels, and they will lose extra belly fat through a method of appetite control, conversion of body fat, and thermogenesis (production of heat within the body),” he said.
Not long after the tour ended, I had a chance to ask Dr. Rouse some more in-depth questions based on consumer experiences. Some have not experienced the immediate gratification of weight loss as quickly as other have while on the Trimma© product. So we thought to ask Dr. Rouse why. Here’s what he had to say in recent correspondence:

 “Those experiencing frustration with issues such as stalled weight loss, a heavier menstrual cycle or sleeplessness while taking Trimma will also benefit from the Energy© product as It helps to regulate the thyroid. Usually in this case, what is happening is the thyroid glands are not working properly. Keep in mind, though, that the body also has to reset itself as well to prepare for further weight loss (known as a ‘plateau’ - one will stop losing weight for a short period of time).”

 “There are also some people who are on antidepressants that will, on average, work against the patient and their weight loss efforts. One can experience weight gain (as much as 30 pounds!). In this case, taking Wellness© in addition to Trimma will help to keep the immune system ‘purring’. It prepares the body (for weight loss) by giving it the proper nutrients that are lacking (in most diets). There was a study done on a man (lacking in proper nutrition) who lost 60 pounds just taking Wellness (no Trimma!). The restoration of these proper nutrients also helped to improve his sleep at night and his memory,” he said.
Visi Wellness and Energy Products displayed at 'Super Saturday'
convention in Edmonton, AB, Canada
Currently, Dr. Rouse is working on literature to help educate people on the benefits of the plant derivatives found within the Visi™ products. He is also attending the Inaugural Visi™ Convention in Las Vegas on April 11-13th, 2013 where two BRAND NEW products will be discussed and launched (a Full Body Cleanse, and 100% absorbable Protein Chew!) The Weigh to Goal team plans on staying on top of this and keeping you, the reader and/or consumer informed about these two new launches through this media platform.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Rouse for the time spent in person and on the phone. He gives true meaning and credibility to the term “Gentleman” and we were honored (and grateful!) to have met him!

Keep on keeping on Dr. Rouse!


Additionally, in recent email correspondence from Ted Wilson (see below) we were filled in on further insight on the human body’s response to the Trimma product. In Dr. Rouse’s words:

When something is secretly making someone fat and you know it's not what you're eating or a lack of physical activity, then it's time to consider the hormones. Glands in the endocrine system produce many hormones that are responsible for the genetic conditions that influence one's metabolism and weight. 

Thyroid gland -- When it is weak the metabolism is slow to burn energy. The metabolism runs like a turtle. However, decreased thyroid is rarely the sole cause of being overweight. 

Adrenal glands -- Too much stress overstimulates the adrenal gland which releases cortisol and testosterone and estrogen. This means the person will eat more and rapidly store calories in the belly fat. High cortisol levels also reduce insulin sensitivity and the kidney will also retain salt and water that in turn will elevate the blood pressure. 

Pancreas -- A normally functioning pancreas secretes insulin. Insulin helps the sugar (glucose) to travel from the blood into the muscle to produce energy. But in the case of insulin resistance, the insulin becomes a "fat storage" hormone and it stops the appetite control from occurring. 

Reprogramming the hormonal circuits is the solution. You have to make the biology of the body work for you. The hormone that really helps out is called adiponectin. The bigger the omentum (belly fat) the less adiponectin one has. This also means the fat that is released from the fat omentum is going to travel to the liver.

Trimma© is designed to improve the hormonal structure, including the adiponectin levels; however, most people are already dealing with heavy omentum and subsequently enlarged fatty livers. Now we need a whole body cleansing enzyme system. We need the specialized enzyme bio-technology to clean up the stubborn spots. (Coming soon – April 2013 NEW product release!). Also, in the interim time as the body waits on the omentum to shrink and the adiponectin levels to rise, a trick to reprogram the hormonal circuits is to introduce 100% absorbable collagen protein (a NEW product release in April 2013!). This spiffies the glands and creates a sense of satiety and the appetite in controlled for longer periods of time. A fatty liver is usually a toxic liver -- it needs a whole body cleanse. 

Sometimes we're dealing with a lymphatic imbalance and this stems from the pituitary hormones, such as prolactin and growth hormone mediators. Lymphatics are hypersensitive to hormones. Dairy products overload their lymphatics therefore they need to curtail cream, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, and chocolate. A good liver cleansing nutraceutical program is a must for these cases before they can speed up metabolism and weight loss. An under active thyroid is more common in lymphatic people. The whole body cleanse (coming in April 2013) is going to work wonders for them.

Candida (Yeast) can definitely hinder weight loss. The Candida produces hormones, including estrogens and steroids. Candida also increases the body's estrogen load that in turn inhibits thyroid performance and creates weight gain. Most of the time a Candida patient has a too low spectrum of two stomach digesters: Hydrochloric acid and Pepsin. A nutraceutical called Betaine hydrochloride plus Pepsin can solve this nemesis. This is also the time to introduce a probiotic (especially bifidobacterium, BB536).”

For more information on the Visi™ products visit:

Dr. Charles A. Rouse Jr., R.Ph., N.M.D (a.k.a. Dr.Charlie)
Dr. “Charlie” has been working exclusively with Visi Global as its medical expert and Scientific Founder.  His knowledge and understanding of natural medicine is well-established and highly respected, which makes him a sought after speaker/lecturer by his industry peers. 

Dr. Charles A. Rouse, Jr., is a Registered Pharmacist and Doctor of Natural Medicine (N.M.D.). In addition to the titles of speaker, author and health talk show radio host, Dr. Rouse is the founder of The Medicine Man’s Corner (, a naturopathic pharmacy, in Albany, Georgia.  Dr. Rouse’s unique background gives him special insight into traditional medicine as well as the highly acclaimed world of natural medicine.

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Ted Wilson (right) is a Visi™ Arctic Emerald Leader from Spruce Grove, AB, who also toured with Dr. Rouse earlier this year and was a huge key component into the successful organization of the tour. Wilson is a Kinesiologist by trade (proficient in the study of human movement: addressing physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms in the human body) and has a full understanding of the benefits of the Visi™ products. Just another jewel in the Visi crown!

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