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Chris Tse: Social Media King behind Blitz Fitness

Blitz Conditioning Owner Chris Tse (far left) at BAM
(Bust-a-Move Edmonton).The Fitness Guru had the opportunity
to sweat it out with Richard Simmons during the event.
To hear Chris's take on Richard Simmons Click Here!
By Candice Marshall
Three years ago, two gentlemen embarked on a business that has now taken the Fitness Industry by storm in both Edmonton and Calgary with their Studio: Blitz Conditioning. Brett Kirkland and Chris Tse have not only taken their vision of to the next level  by owning their own Fitness Studio, they have begun blazing the trail for other businesses within these communities through popular Social Media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, and Linked In through their website ( .

Tse demonstrates determination in this Instagram
photo taken within the studio.
Photo Credit: Blitz Conditioning
It is because of their active involvement through television, radio, and blog features, the team has been able to effectively connect with the fitness community by inspiring and educating readers, viewers and followers on the importance of obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, Tse and Kirkland's’ team have been featured on CTV Morning Live every two weeks discussing (and demonstrating!) a wide arrange of workout varieties.

Brett Kirkland during a CTV Morning Television show
demonstrates a fitness maneuver for viewers
Photo Credit: Blitz Conditioning
In today’s society where most people suffer from time poverty, access through social media outlets has proven to be very successful for quick communication between Tse and his clients on the go. (I have even tested the theory through Twitter and Facebook and EVERY time, I received words of encouragement from both Tse and Kirkland almost immediately!)  “The content component through these outlets is important to our clients. You have to be passionate about telling a story that will inform (and inspire) people. Photos on Twitter, Blog features, and responding to a tweet is all key as it keeps us connected to the community. I love the tweets and DM’s (Direct Messages) from our clients giving us an update as to how they are doing with their fitness achievements. It keeps that connection even outside of the studio,” said Tse.

Photo Credit: Blitz Conditioning
Tse’s desire to knit a community together through this networking process has proven successful: he has participated in events like BAM (‘Bust-A-Move’ Edmonton – a charity fundraiser for Breast Cancer research) where he sweated it out with fitness Guru Richard Simmons for 6 hours wearing a pink tutu (what a good sport!), Public speaking forums where he’s discussed the importance of social media and it’s importance, and has acquired corporate contracts with three companies in the Edmonton area (for fitness training and Nutrition Consulting with ‘Revive Wellness’, another local business that has jumped on board with Blitz).

The team during the CIBC Run for the Cure (Breast Cancer)
in Edmonton, AB. Just one of the many fitness charity
fundraisers they have participated in.
Photo Credit: Blitz Conditioning
In addition to this, Tse and Kirklands’ team of personal trainers (there are eight in total including the two of them) hold classes like: H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training), Sunrise H.I.I.T. (for the early morning riser), Blitz Obstacle Club (Designed to take the workouts outdoors), Hockey Training, and Blitz Booty Boot camp (designed for the woman on the go). In the past, Tse and his team also held a group fitness club, ‘Pack Pursuit’, which had clients and their pets working out together. (see you tube clip) “It’s geared towards running for dogs and the benefit is: their owners get a full body workout,” said Tse. 

Photo Credit: Blitz Conditioning
For a quick clip on Chris and his dog Kyla Click Here!
With so many options/locations to choose from in the fitness community, one can expect the royal treatment with Tse and his team. They match new clients up with personal trainers/groups that tailor to each individual needs after a consultation. “For example: for someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, we start with ‘mindful’ exercises of two minutes of exercise a day for a month (like a walk around the block or a few squats). The point is to break the clients’ ingrained habits through small achievable goals. After a month of that, they want to do more. We then modify the intensity every three weeks until they have worked up to about an hour of exercise per day. We will then recommend a training session or class,” said Tse.
Several clients who have blogged about Tse, Kirkland, and the Blitz team have served as testimonials. “We have one client who has submitted blog entries while she was doing our 90 day challenge. She is still a client to this day and has lost about 90 pounds in the span of a year. I am also working with a client who is an amputee. She was very tired at her first workout session, but since, we have worked on corrective muscles to rebuild strength and she has come a long way,” said Tse.

Chris Tse, the poster child for the Plank Position!
Photo Credit: Blitz Conditioning
Tse’s vision for his clients’ success and the future of the business (to begin a mentorship program training new fitness trainers with a ‘branded’ pedigree) is derived from close family ties and the desire to excel at ventures he sets out to accomplish. “With my cultural background (his parents immigrated from Hong Kong) there is always consistent improvement. It’s never enough. I believe I can always do better. I am a family man and community oriented so it’s important to me to help inspire my clients and perhaps see an increased measure of ‘movement’ within the community as a result. That’s my focus. I want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren as opposed to what fame and fortune can bring. It’s important to me,” he said.

When our interview has drawn to a close, a camera crew enters the studio asking for Tse. He looks at me and smiles knowingly. It is yet another group of individuals wanting to interview him. It’s clear to me at this point that this team has made such an impact in the community that their influence has taken the Social Media circus by storm. The good attitude and energy that welcomed me when I first walked in the door of the studio earlier (no handshakes! Just hugs!) was a clear indication to me that this was a team whose primary concern is the well-being of their clientele.

Photo Credit: Chris Tse's Personal Photos
Keep on Keeping on Chris!

Chris Tse - has always had a passion for fitness and has made it a priority his whole life. He has completed course studies at the University of Alberta and has a degree in Immunology and Kinesiology. Aside from television appearances, the 29 year old has evolved from ‘self-proclaimed introvert’ to ‘public speaker’ in the last three years since launching Blitz Conditioning (official Launch was September of 2008) through forums of up to 150 people in attendance. He has inspired many individuals to meet their health and fitness goals by attending fitness events and he continues to strive for excellence amongst his team.

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