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Color Me Rad: Edmonton Edition – The Raddest (and possibly largest) 5k yet!


*UPDATE: April 4th, 2013 - Just received a quick message from Scott Ward (Race Director) that there are TWO official dates for EDMONTON: July 6th & 7th, 2013. The 6th run date is SOLD OUT and the 7th is NEARLY sold out as well! Let's do this Edmonton! This article was written prior to the March 6th, 2013 registration date so we are keeping you in the loop as to what's shaking;) Go to to register ASAP!*

By Candice Marshall
What person in their right mind wants to participate in a five kilometer run while getting plastered with paint and puff bombs (made with non-toxic, non-rashing corn starch) of vivacious color every five minutes? Let’s see….approximately 8000 people!!! Yes, that’s right! On July 6th, 2013, 8,000 participants will be running in Edmonton, Alberta to benefit the Children’s Stollery Hospital at the University of Alberta. This large number of people is a combination of individuals, teams (of families, friends, and businesses), and volunteers.

Race Participants getting "Color Bombed" during the Color Me Rad 5k race
“Calgary sold out in three days. It was crazy! We expect Edmonton to sell out very quickly as well,” said Scott Ward, Race Director for Color Me Rad (from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA). However, that was his comment only TWO DAYS prior to online registration (March 6th). Little did he know that Edmontonians were waiting on baited breath for registration to open up! In fact, Edmonton sold out for the race within ONE day!
The Advertisement for the Edmonton Registration date which
sold out in ONE DAY!
Comments on Color Me Rad’s Facebook Page range from the disappointed “Please make more spots! Edmonton will be the biggest Color Me Rad run. Get it on world news!” to the excited “Just signed up, so excited to be Rad with “the serial colors!”. The quick sell out has left many others disappointed that they missed their opportunity to participate. However, Weigh to Goal contacted Scott Ward and asked the question: “We heard a rumor that your company was thinking of hosting TWO run dates for Edmonton. Is that true?”
Here’s what we received back from Ward: “True Indeed!”
So, those wanting to participate (in what is beginning to look like the largest Color Me Rad run yet) in Edmonton, Alberta may just get that opportunity soon enough! Stay tuned!
“The Color Me Rad Company is comprised of three owners: Matt Ward (no relation to Scott), Scott Crandall, and John Nalfatto. (Also from Salt Lake City, Utah) They have been putting on races for approximately 7-10 years now mainly in the west coast of the United States called ‘The Dirty Dash’ (a mud run). They’ve hosted approximately 30 races with that event. They saw the success of The Color Run (began approximately 6 months prior to Color Me Rad), and decided to jump right in (and start a second genre - Color Me Rad 5k),” said Ward.
“The original idea for this race came from a holy festival in India called ‘Festival of Colors’. It has really caught on here. We host these events and a portion of the proceeds go to local charities such as the Children’s Stollery in Edmonton. We come to the city 3 days prior to the event and set up. In that time, approximately 100-150 volunteers help out with everything from handing out registration packets to joining the ‘Bomb Squad’. (must be 14 years or older)”
So what can one on the volunteer ‘Bomb Squad’ expect on race day at the Edmonton Expo Centre? “It’s a lot of fun! We have about five stations set up: three powder and two liquid color stations (with the colors: blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow). The volunteers literally get fistfuls of color to throw at the participants running by. There are multiple people set up at each station too. We recommend that people wear something they don’t mind getting trashed because they will be covered in color by the end of the race,” he laughed.

A sample of the "Color Packet" that is handed out at registration.

When asked about his thoughts of comparing the amount of color thrown during the Color Me Rad 5k and The Color Run, Ward said, “It’s like comparing Skittles (Color Me Rad) to chocolate covered M&M’s. Our volunteers get to throw a LOT more color.”
Participants can expect to receive a nice quality t-shirt, RAD tattoo, color packet (for joining in on the fun!) and a pair of sunglasses. “We recommend that people wear the sunglasses to avoid any color getting in their eyes. With that being said, we make sure to tell our volunteers not to aim at the face.  Also, teams are certainly allowed to create their own t-shirts and are encouraged to be creative. Just don’t expect them to look the same by the time the race is through!”
When asked about the Organization, Ward said, “We have two people with the company (in addition to Ward) prepping for the race. During the event there is a team of about seven or eight that contribute to setting up for the big day. (See photo with Ward and his team in Vancouver, BC, Canada, below) It’s a great group of like-minded people just wanting everyone to have a good time. This race is meant to attract people who wouldn’t normally do a run like this. It encourages people to get out and do something healthy for themselves while having fun.”
With 8,000 participants in Edmonton and 10,000 or more expected to run in Calgary, Alberta, one can see why!

Scott, we thank YOU for taking the time to speak with Weigh to Goal ( ) and look forward to meeting you and your team in COLOR in July! In the meantime, keep on keeping on Scott!
(l-r) Gretchen Willard, Jerrica Hall, Scott Ward, Wesley Larson, JP Lewis, and Matt Ward

**Special Note about Registration & Additional Date for Color Me Rad 5k run:

Fans of our Facebook Page Weigh to Goal and Color Me Rad have contacted us to join our Visi Dream Team in hopes of getting “in” on the race with us. While we appreciate your excitement and support, here is how the process works:

At this time you will need to register as a volunteer for the July 6th run date. According to our fan source, there is a wait list for the volunteer roster, but committing in this way may guarantee a spot for those wanting in on the Visi Dream Team for that date should a volunteer position become available. (Details for our team or to donate to the Children’s Stollery are posted at the end of this article) Alternatively, you can watch our Facebook Page, the website , or Facebook Page for updates as to when the second registration comes available.

For those signed up and/or registered as a volunteer who wish to join our Visi Dream Team, please contact Candice Marshall at (780) 782-7399 and we will be sure to get you in! To donate to our efforts to raise $5000 or more towards the Children’s Stollery, click on the link below and you will be redirected to the donation page. We THANK YOU in advance!
Donate to:
Team name: Visi Dream Team
Team Leader (last) Name: Marshall

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