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Darcy Evans: Photo Genius

By: Candice Marshall

People don’t know what pandemonium is until they experience it. The definition of the term is simply this: wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar. The latter part of the meaning is it in a nutshell when taking a first glance at the images of award winning photographer Darcy Evans as his artistic vision is generating just that. From “Jokers” past and present locked in a menacing stare-down (Batman fans applaud him! see above) as well as bringing to life the bubbly Archie comic characters we all familiarized ourselves with as children (see below), Evans has caused much discussion (and attraction) to his creative images on his website and Facebook page. The term may seem like an insult when applying it to the born and raised Edmontonian, but upon viewing his portfolio and the broad spectrum of naturally lit images (no Photoshop!) it’s easy to see that the man is a photographic genius and the public is noticing that.

The "Archie Comics" Creative on location at Daddy O's Diner
in Edmonton, AB

The Doll Story

“The ’My Doll Collection’ photo shoot (Evans Signature creative work) was my favorite. It was one month from the conceptual (planning) stage until the finished product. We began shooting at 6am in the basement of an old building downtown Edmonton, Alberta, and didn’t wrap up until midnight. It was a long day for everyone involved, but Melissa Monz (Model, and ‘doll’, pictured below) totally rocked it and the end result was extraordinary. My favorite type of shoot to do is creatives like this one (fine art photography). I have so many ideas that I would like to try, but it takes time to get a project like this together. Casting (roles) and budget is key. I shoot creatives like this about four times a year for those reasons,” said Evans.

"My Doll Collection" Evans, pride and joy Creative Photo Shoot
featuring Model and Muse: Melissa Monz

Fitness Photography

This visionary has dabbled in areas of photography including Fitness and Boudoir images that have captured the essence of each subject. “I picked up my first camera about two years ago. My starting point was with a friend of mine, Anastasia Powell (Tattoo Artist and Fitness Enthusiast). She is one of the most beautiful people I know and I wanted to capture her on film. The photo shoot turned out so well that I just continued.” Pleased with the results, Powell referred other professionals within the fitness industry to Evans for their portfolios thus propelling him forward with his career and into the spotlight. “When I posted this photo, I had 600 likes on Facebook alone in one day,” said Evans, referring to his award winning “Bodyscape” image (see below).

The Models body shapes from Evans images range from the sleek physique in his artistic fitness photos, to a softer, genteel approach demonstrated in his boudoir photos. (Images shown below) “I think that a bigger woman who is confident in her body shows through the images. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who has confidence,” he said.

The Photographers inspiration: Anastasia Powell

Boudoir Portfolio

Unique "Boudior" images lend credibility to the artists' "vision" for beauty

The Fashion Photographer & More

However, his projects don’t stop there. Evans has just finished wrapping up the Spring “Look Book” for up and coming Fashion Designer Trisha Pasnak (from Edmonton, Alberta) and has captured beautiful still-life images of dogs for the 2013 “Rescued Friends” calendar with the Paws in Need Animal Rescue, a volunteer group in Edmonton . “Trisha and I have worked on a few projects together and I really enjoy it. I photographed her spring look book (the designer’s portfolio) prior to fashion week (March 21st – 28th). I will have the slide show up on my website before then,” he said. (See photos below)

Spring preview for Fashion Designer Trisha Pasnak's "Look Book"

Pet Photography - Images to melt your heart!

Evans Pet Photography. Just a sampling of the beautful and heart-felt images...

The Studio

After our interview, Evans gives me the grand tour of his studio, located in the basement of his home. It is there that the artist transforms concrete floor and walls to the backdrops for his images. “Some shoots are done outdoors or on location, but most are done here in my studio. I am just taking down the set from Trisha’s shoot yesterday. I like to build the sets myself,” he said, motioning to the hardwood flooring pieces stacked neatly next to a tripod. It's hard to imagine the amazing scenes displayed on the artists website when looking around at the dismantled backdrop, but the photos speak for themselves: they are truly creative genius.

“I have a lot of ideas for future projects. For instance, I’d like to put together a coffee table book of late 1800’s boudoir images. Currently I am looking for models/paying clients for this initiative. I have the project in my mind of what I’d like to do so it’s in the planning stage at the moment. Primarily, I have been doing pet and fitness photography for clients and truly enjoy doing it. I love photographing animals. However, creatives are what have a passion for!” he said, smiling.

It shows! Keep on keeping on Darcy!
Evan's 1920's-style Creative emanating the Classic Horrors from films gone by
Currently, Evans is on location in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico shooting a wedding for a client and friend. He plans on taking a few days to also gather some images of the surrounding area. Watch for those images at: .

Aside from the projects mentioned in this article, Evans has worked with Sugarkiss Magazine and has won numerous awards such as: Top Marco Photo at the Edmonton Photography Trade Show and honorable mention from the Alberta Photon Camera Club International Expo. His images can be viewed on Facebook and his Website: Darcy Evans Photography.
To arrange a photo session, contact Evans at:

PH: (780) 952-7909

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