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DJ Baum: Xtremeline Supplements & Fitness Expert

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson (UFC Champion) & DJ Baum,
Owner of Xtremeline Supplements in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

By Candice Marshall

“Slow and steady wins the race. It’s always a good thing to keep in mind that the calories going in versus calories out (expended) are an important part of a diet and fitness regimen. So many people want to lose weight fast but moderation is the key to long-term success,” said DJ Baum, Owner of Xtremeline Supplements in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

“The customers that come into our location are training for a (bodybuilding) competition or they want to bulk up and need advice on the best supplements to take. However, we also have clients wanting advice about losing weight. I feel that women are subject to more media pressure to be thin and I have had some female clients inquire about weight loss supplements when they really don’t need to lose any weight,” he said.

Baum with UFC Announcer, Bruce Buffer (veteran voice of the 'Octagon')

Baum is a man of many talents. Not only is he the sole owner of the popular supplement retail location, he has Personal Training and Youth Coaching (for the Special Olympics) under his credentials as well. In addition, he has inspired many of his clients and customers within the Body Building industry to “bulk up” or “slim down” through proper nutritional supplements and advice based on his own personal experience.

The interest in helping others to achieve their fitness goals began in 2006 after suffering a severe shoulder injury. Rather than go through surgery and a nine month recovery period, Baum chose to heal on his own through weight training and proper supplementation (diet). Following this, he took up personal training with clients for a year and a half before opening his business ‘Xtremeline Supplements’ in June of 2009.

In speaking with Baum, it’s not difficult to see why he is the ‘go-to’ guy for fitness and health tips. “It’s all about moderation. I recommend a ‘cheat night’ to my clients. Basically, it’s one evening where you allow yourself to eat whatever you want. This actually re-sets the body from the regular “diet routine” to prepare for further weight loss and also helps curb cravings. If you go 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a strict diet regimen, you are likely to binge. A cheat night alleviates that.”

l-r: Dan Johns (Baum's cousin), Dana White (UFC President), and Baum
“One of the other things I have noted from my clients is that they get ‘bored’ with their fitness regimen. My advice is to mix things up. For example: do intervals in training. Try running on the treadmill at different inclines at alternating speeds and lengths of time. This keeps the body guessing and you don’t get stuck working the same muscles repetitively. You also can avoid injury by mixing things up as well as covering a broader range of muscle groups for overall conditioning.”

He added further, “Everyone wants a magic solution for their fitness goals; whether it’s to bulk up in muscle mass (men) or to lose extra weight (women). Even with the best supplements in the world available, a lot of hard work and dedication through a combination of weight training and cardio is what really gets the results to attain those goals. That and a proper diet of course. In my experience, women are afraid to lift weights for fear of gaining too much muscle mass. Women do not have proper hormones in their bodies to build the muscle mass as seen in male bodybuilders. They would notice more lean muscle building as opposed to bulking up. My advice: stay off the scale and see how your clothes are fitting. That’s a better indication of how fit you are becoming.”

Great advice DJ! We can see why you are the go-to guy for fitness advice. Keep on keeping on!

For a consultation with Baum, you may contact him at:
Phone: (780) 640-9191

Photo Synopsis: In addition to giving fitness advice for his customers, Baum has also bumped shoulders with many notables within the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) industry such as: Bruce Buffer (UFC Announcer), Dana White (UFC President), and UFC Champs Anthony Johnson, Matt Hughes, Frank Mir, Forrest Griffin, and Rich Franklin. (see photos below and throughout article)

l-r: Baum with Forrest Griffin (Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion)

l-r: Baum with Frank Mir (Former UFC Heavyweight Champion)

l-r: Baum with Matt Hughes (Nine time UFC Welterweight Champion)

l-r: Rich Franklin (former UFC Middleweight Champion) and Baum

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