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Miracle Healer Herbert R. Rosa

Can stumbling across a Holistic Lifestyle approach cure an STD?  

By: Candice Marshall

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it, but he went back to his clinic for a check-up and found out he was clear!”

These are the words of two-year certified Holistic Health Consultant/Coach Herbert R. Rosa of New York, USA. He is speaking of a friend who had contracted a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and upon visiting Rosa in New York, began adopting his daily routine of drinking Lemon water with natural salt (as well as consuming Black Seed Oil) simply out of natural curiosity. What Rosa and his friend did not bank on, was that by adopting this Holistic lifestyle, his friend became cured. This was a regular routine for Rosa, but not so much for his friend. In fact, he hadn’t considered a Holistic approach or lifestyle until he spent the time in New York visiting with Rosa. Upon returning home and visiting his clinic, his friend found out he was clear of the disease. (*for confidentiality reasons, we can not specify what disease or whom, however, Herbert can be contacted for further information - see credentials below) “He was shocked, and so was I,” said Rosa, after learning of the miraculous recovery.

But this isn’t something entirely new to the New Yorker who has always had a curiosity for “what works” when it comes to natural healing. In fact, he became interested in Holistic healing (after contracting an allergic skin reaction to an unknown substance) when he was 13 years old. “I became like a detective wanting to know what would work and what wouldn’t for this reaction. I concocted a formula of all natural products (an Aloe based lotion and Vitamin E Oil) to alleviate the reaction and within a week it went away. I didn’t want to be co-dependent on my doctor (not that Rosa has anything against doctors or western medicine), I just wanted to be able to take the (healing) power back into my own hands by discovering where imbalances occur through what I was consuming. This method helped me discover what to use to balance out the reaction,” he said.

Rosa has also worked with a close family member’s child affected with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). According to him, the diagnosis stems from childhood vaccinations. He spoke very succinctly (and highly!) of these children when he said, “I see these children as very special. They are talented and each one has a gift. What needs to be monitored in their diet is the amount of sugar consumption they are taking on a daily basis. The metal mercury in sugar builds up to create imbalances. I have recommended shots of cilantro mixed with orange and carrot juice to make it tastier. It has helped these children become more focused.”

Rosa has helped many people in this method, in fact, on average; he mentors five clients per week. When a client consults with Rosa, they can expect a thorough diagnosis: they begin with an assessment of pinpointing their eating habits (from 5 days prior to their first appointment), what medications they are consuming, stress levels, and (for women) menstrual cycles and how regular they are. From there (and during a three to six month contract), Rosa works with his client to discover where the imbalance has occurred by “pin-pointing what the client was consuming to bring about the undesired result (such as stress, lethargy, etc.)”. In addition, he will go with his clients to the supermarket and recommend healthier options or alternatives. “For example, if people like Italian Cuisine, I will try to help them find other alternatives at restaurants and/or supermarkets with the taste and texture of that type of food to fool their mind (senses) with a healthier option,” said Rosa.

“There are so many healthier alternatives to balance out one’s health through a Holistic approach, “said Rosa, “Did you know that a juice made with Hemp Seed is the closest thing to a mother’s breast milk? Even natural salt is what the body needs to function as it acts as a cleanser and is a main ingredient in our body (PH-sweat). I knew it was a good substance to be consuming, but if I had not heard what it what it did for my friend (help cure his STD), I would never have known its awesome healing properties. It was something that I was already taking and my friend just decided he would try it. As a bonus, he is no longer fatigued and has more energy too!”

In addition to being a Holistic Health Consultant/Coach (Rosa has studied the Holistic approach for 10 years), he has experience leading motivational speeches, Health Workshops, Education with the fundamentals of Meditation (and how it can enhance a better state of mind), AND teaches Yoga!

Keep on keeping on Herbert!


Those interested in knowing more about Rosa’s practice and programs that he offers may contact him at:




Holistic Health Consultant

​ PH: (917) 328.7158





10/10- Present Holistic Health Consultant Bronx, New York
(in addition to what is mentioned in the above article, and in his own words):

Instruct Yoga & meditation classes for

Adults, seniors, and teach classes to children in which some participants where

Diagnosed with Autism and ADHD starting from the ages 6-12

Marketed, and Sign up Clients to a Six Month Contract as their

Life Extension Consultant which includes Yoga Classes, Meal Planning,

Shopping tours, Food storage cabinet clearing out and Education about better

Dietary Requirements





3/10 - 6/10 Om Wellness New York, New York


Holistic Nutrition Certification

Intensive Training Program

Core focuses of studies included the following:

Teaching and Counseling Techniques, Public speaking, Anatomy and

Physiology, Nutrition Models and Theories, Common Health Disorders &

Natural Treatments, Energy of Food, Intuitive Cooking & Eating, Mind/Body

Philosophy, Yoga and Business Management

Awarded Certification from Om Wellness and the American Association

For Drugless Practitioners





Literate in the physiological expression of the body and mind on how it can be Enhanced or Affected with Food, Meditation, Ionized water, Ionic Minerals Kinesiology, Crystals, Herbs and Ecological stress and complimentary circumstances in one’s environment due to harmful Electro-magnetic frequencies and helpful Negative Ions. Vegan and Raw food Chef Fluent in alkaline and acidic food groups, on how an Acidic environment in the body can cause dis-ease and how an alkaline one can offset many physical ailments. Instrumental in conducting Group, Corporate, Adult, senior and children Yoga, Meditation, Crystal healing, chakra healing and Health counseling Workshops

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