Sunday, 3 February 2013

Massage Therapy Insurance Claim nightmare?

What to know for 2013

By: Candice Marshall     

Her belief system is a spiritual one, and she practice’s her professional massage technique based on the same principle under the name, Transforming HU Massage (HU being Sanskrit for: Universal God =YOU). She is Michelle Lorimer and she is an independent Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist from Edmonton, AB and at the time of this interview, we are cozied up in a small corner of a local coffee shop discussing the importance of her therapy techniques, and more importantly, what clients need to educate themselves on as far as insurance claims.

Most people aren’t aware that by the end of this year, not all insurance companies will accept receipts from your "Massage Therapist" for reimbursement. In fact, there may be none! Lorimer educated me as to what is up and coming for 2013: “Many insurance companies registered with one of the three designated associations: National Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), Massage Therapy Association of Alberta (NTAA), and Remedial Massage Therapists of Alberta (RMTA) WILL REQUIRE that a massage therapist be regulated. This means that all Certified Massage Therapists will require “2200 hours of massage therapy practicum (hands on practice)” during their two year course study in order to be certified and registered with one of these associations. They will then be 2200 hour Regulated (recognized) and clients will be able to submit receipts and be refunded their money through their perspective insurance companies” said Lorimer.  

She added, “At current, there are a few insurance companies that already have jumped on board and require the 2200 hour Regulated certification for claims." According to Lorimer, these insurance companies are: Manulife, Sun Life financial, and come April 2013, Blue Cross will be jumping on board also.” This may not mean much to others outside of Alberta, but it certainly is informative for those in other areas throughout Canada or the globe. You may want to look into this if you are one of those people on a budget and expecting a refund from your claim through your perspective insurance company!

“The difference between an ‘Unregulated’ and ‘Regulated’ Massage Therapist are those vital hours put into practicum: 1000 is required in the first year and 1200 in the second year of schooling. This is to avoid the everyday person from going to the typical ‘rub and tug’ massage parlors and submitting claims to their insurance companies, which (scarily!) is happening. By becoming a 2200 hour Regulated Certified Massage Therapist, these practitioners can avoid the cliché of being associated with the uncertified establishments and become a more quality care resource for clients requiring reimbursement through their insurance companies” said Lorimer.

In addition to educating her clients on the financial aspects of insurance claims, Lorimer helps clients gain knowledge through three different Hydrotherapy techniques in her Massage Practice: Moist heat therapy (to relax muscle tissue), Ice therapy (for inflammation of muscles), and Contrast therapy (a combination of heat and cold to help circulation & to flush out toxins). “These techniques help with range of motion during the massage and are used a lot for people who participate in sports and have sports related injuries. It also helps to avoid pain and bruising during the massage.” Her massage technique (also referred to as Cross-Fiber Frictioning) focuses on “waking up the muscle by massaging out knots and adhesions”, a common occurrence in today’s society with stress being on the forefront for most everyone.

Lorimer is in her second and final year of schooling at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Edmonton, AB and already has practicum experience through the Wellness Centre in Leduc, AB. She has 1000 hours of first year practicum under her belt and is working towards her 1200 remaining hours through professional massage services out of her home as well as the Welllness Centre. She will be graduating in June of 2013. You may contact her @ 780-953-4168 or through email at: to book an appointment (her one hour massages are only $40!) or to find out more information pertaining to this article. After graduation, rates will be subject to change.  
Weigh to Goal Michelle! Keep on Keeping on!

Michelle Lorimer (above),
Certified Massage Therapist
of Transforming HU Massage



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